WJBRYANT JavaScript Library

This is an experimental JavaScript library that I wrote mainly as a learning exercise. It contains cross-browser compatible methods for common tasks such as color and position animation, Ajax, adding and removing event handlers and editing cookies. See the documentation for a breakdown of all the available methods as well as examples. It is currently used on the contact page of my website.

The most recent version is 1.1.1 - released 2013-08-03.


1.1.1 (2013-08-03)

  • Updated requestAnimationFrame polyfill to use non-prefixed version if available
  • Anim.fade and Anim.move:
    • Fixed bug for browsers that use the new precision specification
  • Updated documentation for JSDoc 3 tags

1.1.0 (2012-02-08)

  • Added WJB alias for WJBRYANT global variable
  • Anim.fade and Anim.move:
    • Now use requestAnimationFrame if available
    • Removed the fps option - fps is now determined by the browser
  • Enabled strict mode
  • Style changes
  • Updated documentation
  • Minor bug fixes


  • WJBRYANT.head now uses document.head if available
  • Ajax.request:
    • Added onuploadprogress option
    • Changed onprogress option to ondownloadprogress
    • The data option can now be a FormData object
  • Ajax.scrape:
    • Now uses the FormData API if available
    • No longer includes submit input by default
    • The clickX and clickY parameters were combined into [clickX, clickY]
    • Improved documentation
  • Anim.fade & Anim.move:
    • Now return an object with an end method
    • No longer throw errors for invalid arguments


  • Anim.move:
    • Set style position if not set
    • Improved isArray inner function
  • Updated trim method to use native method if available
  • Updated Ajax.request method to use Msxml2.XMLHTTP.6.0 if available
  • Made minor improvements to Anim.makeSlideshow
  • Made minor improvements to addListener and removeListener for IE
  • Dropped support for DOM Level 0 event model in addListener and removeListener
  • Removed unnecessary references to window
  • Removed VERSION and body properties
  • Updated documentation
  • Added license information


  • Ajax:
    • Made performance improvements
    • Updated documentation
  • Ajax.request:
    • Added timeout, onbeforesend and onprogress options
    • The data option can now be an object or a string
    • Changed options.send to options.data
    • Changed "Ajax: true" header to "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest"
  • Ajax.scrape:
    • Updated to recognize more input types
    • Added optional parameters submit, clickX and clickY
  • Added getCookie, setCookie and deleteCookie methods
  • Changed addEvent to addListener and made improvements
  • Added removeListener method
  • Changed loadJS to loadScript and now only loads a single script with callback
  • Improved accuracy of Anim.fade method
  • Added Anim.move method
  • Added trim method


  • Initial release