Fosdick Fulfillment Website

The redesign of the Fosdick Fulfillment website went live in July 2008.

The site was entirely hand-coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET / C#. For this project, I used the Google JavaScript APIs for site search and maps. The back-end uses ASP.NET, C# and IIS. The site was a vast improvement over the previous iteration in terms of accessibility, usability, compatibility, maintainability, security and performance.

Site Improvements

  • Wrote a small JavaScript Library to handle simple animation and Ajax requests
  • Elastic layout that can easily accommodate changes
  • Better optimized for both performance and search engines
  • Improved security via input and request filtering and custom error pages
  • More accessible - works without JavaScript and/or CSS and/or images enabled
Fosdick Fulfillment Web Site

The Fosdick Fulfillment home page

Ajax enabled form

The contact form

Ajax enabled map

The driving directions page

Ajax enabled site search

The site search page