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Tab Override 3.1

The Tab Override WordPress plugin was just updated to version 3.1. This release includes a new option to add a tabs on/off button to the HTML editor toolbar, allowing you to quickly enable or disable the plugin while editing a post or page. This release also includes several important bug fixes.

To get complete details and download the latest version, visit the Tab Override page at the WordPress Plugin Directory. You can try out the latest version of the jQuery plugin on the demo page.

Extending Tab Override

A common problem with WordPress themes and plugins is users making custom modifications to them only to have their work erased when the theme or plugin is updated. To avoid this, you can create a child theme that extends the original theme or a plugin that modifies another plugin. Tab Override version 3.0 provides a global object and hooks just for this purpose.

The $tab_override Global Object

As soon as the plugin code is executed, a global object named $tab_override is created. This object is an instance of the Tab_Override class. You can use this object to check if the Tab Override plugin is installed and activated. Normally to check for another plugin you would do something like this:

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Tab Override 3.0

The Tab Override WordPress plugin was updated to version 3.0 today. This is an almost complete rewrite of the plugin and includes several new features, notably:

  • a new auto indent feature
  • translation support
  • the addition of tab_override_init and tab_override_add_scripts hooks

In addition, there are enhancements to both security and performance as well as a new uninstall procedure and much improved documentation. Most of the code was refactored into a class. Since some PHP 5 features were utilized, PHP 4 is no longer supported. This version of the plugin also includes support for the upcoming WordPress 3.2 release and the fullscreen editor mode.

Download it and give it a try!